Dehydrated or Dry Skin

Dehydrated or Dry Skin

Dry or Dehydrated Skin


Dry Skin is a Skin type on the other hand Dehydrated skin is a Temporary Skin Condition.

Dry Skin lacks oil while Dehydrated skin is lacking water.


Dehydrated Skin can be a concern for all skin types be it oily, combination or dry skin. Dehydrated skin usually occurs due to damaged skin barrier, over cleansing/exfoliating harshly, not drinking enough water, smoking, consuming alcohol, taking too much caffeine, stress or even medications. When we are over exfoliating to a point that all natural lipids that are protecting moisture in our skin are stripped off we are left with a dehydrated skin.


How to Self diagnose if you have a dehydrated or dry skin:


If we notice fine lines on different areas of our face which are gone after moisturizing, then that’s a sign that our skin was dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin looks red, congested, acne Flared, dull and tight.

Our Skin might look oily but still feels flaky, uneven and dry.

Our foundation is not sitting well and is patchy too.

The skincare products that we are using are sensitising as well as irritating.

All these signs indicate that you are skin is suffering from dehydration.


Skincare Habits that should be adopted to treat Dehydration:

Drink plenty of water

Skip Hot Showers

Stop Over cleansing (Avoid foam cleanser because those are over drying & instead use cream cleansers)

Moisturise your skin even if you have oily skin because your skin needs hydration.

Do not use mineral foundation or face powders that might further cause flaky, patchy skin.

Avoid active ingredients, avoid essential oils, avoid products that have fragrance, avoid pore minimisers and limit acne controlling products.

Do not cause excess physical friction and avoid using towels/cotton pads to cleanse your face.

Add hydrators and moisturisers to your skin care routine that may help in building skin barrier.








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